About TMP

A not-for-profit play reading group created for Melbourne based artists to network and participate in monthly performed readings.

The first Monday of the month, TMP gets together to read through a select play at the Neon Parlour in Thornbury. Plays are selected up to a month in advance, with the opportunity for playwrights to submit new work to be workshopped by the group. See FAQ’s for more information on submitting new material to be read by TMP.

As a self-sustaining group, we rely on gold coin donation at the door to help cover the cost of the space, snacks, and coffee.

Plays will be selected up to four weeks prior to the next reading so that everyone interested can source the play (e-books and electronic scripts encouraged!) If you would like to join us and observe the reading without participating, please do.

While TMP only meets once per month, additional materials related to the selected play are published weekly. These include a monologue selected for the actor’s audition portfolio, complimentary readings sharing insight into the play’s original development, production, or playwright, and The Monthly Write Up – an essay examining a major theme of the play and how it relates to the modern actor.

See below for further information on getting to the Neon Parlour, submitting new work to be workshopped by TMP, and where to find selected scripts.


Q: I am an actor/playwright in Melbourne looking for a networking event and reading opportunity. Can TMP help me?
A: Absolutely! Come join us the first Monday of the month for a play reading and some caffeine. The event takes place at the Neon Parlour in Thornbury, which is a 5 minute walk from the Thornbury train station, as well as accessible by the 86 tram line. Free, off-street parking is located off High Street for those who intend to drive.
Each event runs 7:30-9:30pm. Please note, some read throughs run longer than the expected 2 hours. Participants can leave at their discretion, if unable to stay past the designated time.

Q: How much will it cost to attend?
A: Entry is limited to a gold coin donation at the door. This entry fee helps to cover the cost of the space hire, snacks, and caffeine. Wine is also available (contributions toward the cost of alcohol appreciated. Cash, EFTPOS, and PayPass accepted – proof of age required.)

Q: Do I need to bring my own script?
A: All attendees are encouraged to bring their own scripts – with particular support for e-books and electronic scripts found online! (If you absolutely cannot find a copy, no worry – we can always share!)
The play will be selected and shared up to four weeks in advance of the reading to allow time for all members to source the material. Visit the ‘Play Resource’ page to find an ongoing source for excellent play script sourcing around Melbourne and online.

Q: I am a Melbourne based playwright with a new work in development. Can TMP help me?
A: Yes.

Starting June 2017, TMP is creating the opportunity for playwrights to submit new work to be workshopped by TMP group members at the regular monthly reading.

The Monday night event will be the same – all interested will gather at the Neon Parlour 7:30-9:30pm for a play reading, with the work read being the accepted submission.

Ongoing submissions of work are welcomed. Please note, TMP is looking to select and read through ‘full’ works – that is, unpublished, completed drafts. The intention is to help the playwright have their work read aloud by participating TMP members. All published TMP materials for the month, including The Monthly Write Up, complimentary readings, and the select audition monologue, will be produced by the TMP team as usual, with the The Monthly Write Up and complimentary readings highlighting a specific theme of the work to be decided upon by TMP.

If you are interested in submitting work to be read at a TMP event, please send us a query on the Contact page of this website with the following details:

Full name, project title, a brief synopsis of your play, month you would be interested in having your play read, and contact email address.

If we are interested in reading a full draft of your work, we will be in contact via email.

Unfortunately only one submission can be accepted per month. We do appreciate all projects submitted and will endeavour to allocate accepted materials to be read in their requested month. If TMP would like to accept your project, but for a month other than the one requested, we will notify you to discuss.

All applicants whose work is not accepted for a read through will be notified by email. Although the play might not be right for TMP members at that time, we do support work being redeveloped and resubmitted.

Q: My agent/prospective managers keep asking me what I get up to. What should I tell them?


If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a line on the Contact page.